Your First Visit

Thank you for choosing our office for all your dental needs. We have created a comfortable environment where you can feel confident in the level of dental care you receive. When you arrive for your first visit, please be prepared to complete all insurance and health information forms that will allow us to begin your dental treatment. We will ask you to fill out several forms that will get you acquainted with our office.

Your initial exam will last approximately 90 minutes. This visit will help us get acquainted with each other and learn about your goals and desires for your dental treatment. This 90 minute examination does not include having your teeth cleaned, but prior arrangements can be made to allow this additional care if needed. Oral hygiene instructions will also be provided along with suggestions to help you care for your teeth. We will do a comprehensive examination that includes:

  • Checking muscles & joints that support the mouth.

  • Oral cancer screening.

  • Necessary x-rays-specific for your needs.

  • Function of joints & how the teeth come together.

  • Dental charting.

  • Health of gums & bone that support the teeth (Periodontal Health Screening).

  • Intra-oral pictures of all your teeth & supporting structure.

  • Esthetic/smile evaluation.


We believe that good dental care begins with open communication. We promise to speak candidly with you about any symptoms present that may require further dental treatment, our diagnosis, alternative treatments that may exist, and our recommendations. Sometimes an additional consultation at no charge is needed to accomplish this. Our philosophy is to be sure we get all the information necessary to assure your overall oral health, then provide you with the information you need so you can make the best choice for you. Working together, we can achieve a true partnership, with one common goal: keeping your smile beautiful and your teeth, gums and jaw joints healthy!

Filling the following forms in and bringing them with you will save you time at the doctor's office.

  1. Patient Registration Form

  2. Medical History Form

  3. Other important Office Forms and Policies

Payment Options

The most affordable dentistry is prevention. That’s why we work with patients to protect smiles from the first tooth to the last. If you have had any significant dental treatment, you likely understand the financial implications of decay. Investing in your smile today may save you money as well as spare you from costly work down the road. Prevention is a gift that keeps giving over a lifetime.

Our fees are extremely competitive in the Lake City/ Gainesville region. We do everything we can to keep our services accessible.Check out our Membership Plan to see how we've made dentistry more affordable!


The cost of your treatment will depend on the severity of your condition and extensiveness of your treatment. Each patient is evaluated and a treatment plan developed on an individual basis. Therefore, it is not possible to give an average cost.


For patients with insurance, as a courtesy we will file your insurance claim for your reimbursement. If you have dental insurance, it can help cover some of the cost of your treatment. Your dental insurance benefit will be affected by the deductible, plan limitations, total amount of benefit available per year, and how much of your benefit has already been used.


All payments for services are due when they are rendered. This system greatly reduces the billing and collection costs and results in fees that are lower than would otherwise be necessary.


Please do not hesitate to ask us in advance about fees for planned services. We want you to be comfortable in dealing with these matters. We urge you to consult with us if you have any questions regarding fees or treatment procedures.


We accept the following.

  • Cash or check

    • A 5% courtesy discount will be extended on prepayment of the entire treatment plan when the total treatment is $3,000.00 or greater. For patients with insurance, as a courtesy we will file your insurance claim for your reimbursement. (Requires complete exam and consultation.)

    • A $25 NSF fee applies to all bank-returned checks.

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Discover


We also offer up to six months interest-free financing through Care Credit Personal Payment Plan: A plan where you can customize financial arrangements to meet your personal needs. Get more information and apply online at Qualified applicants enjoy instant approval!