Our Lake City dentists know the most affordable form of dental care is preventative care. That’s why we work with patients to protect their smiles throughout each stage of life, from their first tooth to their last. Decay can have serious implications beyond impacts on your oral health; it can also have significant financial implications. By investing in your smile today, you can save money and time in the future by avoiding costly dental work down the road. When it comes to dentistry, prevention is the gift that keeps giving over your lifetime.

Prioritize preventative dental care with our Lake City Dental Membership Club! No insurance? No worries! Our membership program is a great option for new and existing patients alike! Patients who join our dental membership program can receive our high-quality preventative care for a low monthly subscription fee. What’s more, members of our program also receive a discount on certain dental treatments! Contact our office today to learn more and to join the Lake City Dental Membership Club.

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